Hottest Month/Year on Record, not

With all the shrieking from the high skool dropouts about every month being the hottest on record, its time to check the facts. Here is the temperatures reported by NOAA/USCRN for the last 20 years.

USCRN is the most reliable dataset on the planet. The weather stations were specifically designed to avoid heat island effects from cities and other data problems. Its been a big disappointment to the alarmists because it simply doesn’t show the warming they claim. So they have to go to other sources that include weather stations where cities have grown around them, stations on roof tops and other terrible places to measure temperature.

See this chart for yourself at NOAA

While it was a hot summer in places, it was cooler in others. If you want people to believe in a climate disaster, you have to be honest with your statistics. When people catch you lying, they stop believing.

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