Vote for a do-over

This election is a train wreck. So was 2016. We need a do-over. There is an alternative that can draw from both sides and put an end to vote shaming. #unity2020

Biden is pandering to the Republicans. This is a battle for Republican votes; progressives are irrelevant. If Biden wins, Progressives will get no respect until 2028 or 2032. If you want influence now, vote for a do-over.

Use your vote to protest

Democrats are suing to have the Green party removed in many states. They cheated Bernie out of the nomination twice. This is the worst kind of voter suppression. Avenge Bernie. Time to organize a protest vote.

Voting for Biden no matter what will not earn any concessions from democrats. Set a minimum standards for the candidate you vote for. What are your standards?

  • Medicare for all
  • Universal basic income
  • Cancel student loans
  • Reparations
  • Defund police
  • Cancel the rent
  • End qualified immunity
  • End civil asset forfeiture

Biden has disowned all of the above.

If Biden wins while disowning progressives, progressives will be irrelevant for years.   If Trump wins, people will be hypermotivated for change.  Vote for a do over.

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Trump is like a house fire with all of the alarms ringing. Biden is like a gas leak after everyone has gone to bed.  #DemExit

There are no Biden signs. He will obviously lose. Don’t throw away your vote on Biden. If Biden doesn’t get sign parity by election day, it’s OK to #GoGreen2020

All progressives recognize the danger of putting Biden in office. If Joe Biden rejects his progressive base, Trump will win. #gogreen2020

If you hate Trump and don’t want mini-Trump… If you don’t want to throw your vote away or be vote shamed….Choose the only group that can find a middle ground.


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