What is your view of BLM extortion?

Recently BLM activists sent extortion letters to Louisville businesses. How do you feel about that?
Many socialists are trying to justify this by comparing to Westboro Baptists or some odd Trump tweet. The BLM extortion is illegal. The former is protected speech, no matter how reprehensible. Extortion is not. The Louisville BLM extortion needs to be prosecuted if true and rebuked -- especially by BLM who they say they represent. Also Democrats and Progressives should rebuke extortion, lest we get confused about what you stand for. Your agenda has been subverted by extremists muddling your message. Rebuke the extremists to reclaim your agenda. If Jesse Jackson can say it, you can too.  https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/511334-jesse-jackson-chicago-looting-humiliating-embarrassing-morally-wrong

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