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When was America great?

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For 20 years after the Reagan tax cuts and the Gingrich balanced budget our nation thrived. This was boosted by the computer / internet revolution. During these days anyone with an associates degree could get hired on at a tech company, get stock options and make a fortune. There were no race barriers to this. ….  Read More

Even Biden wants Them Arrested

0 commentsUncategorized There are violent Antifa rioters hiding in the peaceful protesters. Plain clothes policemen are deployed to observe crime and make arrests. These are reasonable responses to violence. Extremist groups have taken over, muddled the message and delegitimized the protests. I supported the protests when it was about police brutality. Not anymore. It’s not about ….  Read More

What will socialism destroy?

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After the election socialists are going to eat the: RichCops,  the Supreme CourtCEOs,Shareholders,Your 401k,Landlords,Climate deniers,White folks,Straight people,Christians,Insurance companies,Republicans,gun ownersbabies How far down the list are you? #walkaway before they eat you too. Let’s face it, socialism holds the record for the most deadly form of government. Here is the official count: