Democrat states managing COVID poorly

Why do democrat states have the vast majority of the deaths? This suggests democrats are managing the crisis poorly. All the focus on cases distracts from the death statistics. The death statistics are really the most important. Cases can increase for a lot of reasons, some of them good — like more testing, false positives and young people putting aside irrational fears. Deaths are the ultimate measure of policy success. By this measure red states are impressive.

The death statistics are looking better and better. The death statistics are the ultimate measure of how well the crisis is being managed.


As of August 1 — The top 7 death states, accounting for 60% of the deaths are run by democrats. What did the democrats do wrong?

As of September 1 — USA has 550 deaths per million population, which is not much different than Europe and much lower than the worldwide average. Some states are more than twice this number and have some tall explaining to do; they are all Democrat run. Any state with more than average deaths per capita should explain their results. There are two Republican states on that list, the rest are Democrat. Missouri, for example, has half the national average and must be considered among the best performances; Missouri is solid Republican. Congratulate the Republican governors for a job well done. Ask a Democrat why they lead the world in deaths.

Take a look at the charts for yourself. Covidly uses data from Johns Hopkins and the CDC. Very credible. You can view the data in a lot of ways. Compare per capita deaths. You will see for yourself that most developed countries had similar results. The USA is right about average, but some Democrat run states had a really hard time. If you find that you don’t believe these numbers, it probably means you have been getting too much of your science diet from political sources.

Deaths per Capita

Let’s look at rank order of states by deaths per capita.  Only two Republican states are above average, the rest are democrats.  Why do Democrat states perform so poorly?

Same data is available at but you have to dig a bit. The CDC breaks out New York City separately and you can see they had almost 5x the national average there.

Here are the above average death states as of September 11. Deaths per 100,000 population

New Jersey180
New York170
Rhode Island101
District of Columbia87
States with above average deaths per 100,000

Trump put in his travel ban and set up his task Force while Biden was calling him a racist for doing it and conducting a pointless impeachment. Trump made sure Democrat states had all the ventilators and hospital beds they needed. He sent our only 2 hospital ships to Democrat states. Rather than gratefully using these beds, Democrat governors sent elderly sick patients back to nursing homes to infect other vulnerable patients. Give credit where credit is due.

Then again maybe politics, masks and lock-downs made no difference at all.

Because of the heavy handed central planning in Democrat states, Democrat states are struggling with economic recovery. Blue states have unemployment rates as high as 14%. Red states are as low as 4%. So democrats suffer higher deaths AND bad economies. statistics by state

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