COVID-19 Deaths are declining

Did you know deaths are actually declining? An amazing number of people refuse to believe it. The decline in the death rate is a sure sign the crisis is well managed. If you think deaths are increasing, perhaps you should question the news sources that mis-led you. How do we get politics out of science? CDC data now show that all cause mortality has been below normal for weeks. If COVID is such a horrible pandemic, how does all cause mortality go DOWN? Is fear preventing us from getting hurt!? Anywhere with deaths above the national average of 56 / 100,000 should be called to account for their poor performance. That includes two Republican states. The rest are Democrat. Missouri is half the national average and must be considered among the best performing. The emergency is over. The CDC screw ups keep rolling in. Many hospitals are falsely reporting 100% positive. How can we rely on their case numbers? Government is the problem!

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