Scientists offer $200 reward if you can find the warming trend

Remember the pause? Twenty years ago the big news was that global warming had paused. The world wide temperature data didn’t show increases anymore. This was quite embarrassing for the movement. So, socialists did the natural thing that socialists do. They modified the official historical dataset so the warming would come back. The official excuse was that idiots were reading the thermometers in the old days. Trouble is, the US government wasn’t buying that story and developed a network of weather stations with highly accurate and quality controlled readings. This dataset, USCRN, has stopped the data manipulation for North American data and showed North America is magically cooler than the rest of the world. There aren’t any good explanations for this.

So we are offering a $200 reward if you can find the warming trend in the last 20 years. There is one requirement. You must use the official NOAA USCRN data linked below. Substitutions are not accepted.

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